The Mercer Charitable Foundation

The Mercer Charitable Foundation was set up in 2018 to support local and national issues, focusing on education, healthcare and community.

The Mercer Charitable Foundation supports activities and initiatives run by organisations – including charities and community groups – that deliver benefit in one or more of the following qualifying categories:

Support of educational opportunities particularly in the field of food, farming and agriculture.

Benefit of health and relief of sickness or suffering particularly in respect of children and adults suffering from incurable illnesses.

Support for community facilities in Staffordshire (e.g. community spaces and activities) with the aim of improving the lives of local people with particular need due to age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage.

Applicants for funding will be asked to specify clearly as part of the application process which of the above categories apply to them in order to receive the trustees’ consideration. It must be noted that consideration by the trustees’ does not guarantee provision of grant funding.

In awarding grants, the trustees will consider requests from any geographical area within the United Kingdom. The trustees are agreeable to working in partnership with other grant making bodies where funding for a project is beyond the scope of any single organisation.

To apply for funding, applications should be made by email to include:

  • An overview of the charity or organisation making the request including a summary of how the grant will advance one or more of the charity’s priorities for funding as per the above categories

  • Full details of the amount of funding being applied for

  • Confirmation of any other funding matched or otherwise that has been applied for or confirmed

  • An approximate timeframe within which the funding is required

  • Details of how the grant will be used and managed

  • The applicant’s full contact details.

Applications should be submitted to:

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