Investing in the future

It’s not just our animals we believe in providing the best for, but also our environment, investing in the land to preserve it for future generations.


We have planted 30,000 new trees at the Patshull Estate in 2022, in just over 2 weeks! These trees, including a fruit orchard, will add biodiversity to our environment, encouraging birds, animals, and wildlife.

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Field Margins

At Patshull, and our other farms, we have ensured that we have a wide margin edging the fields – these strips ensure that wildlife can travel safely around the fields and protect them.

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As well as tree planting, we’ve created 1600 metres of new hedgerow and 600m of gapping up hedgerows. These help to create wildlife corridors and food sources for birds and animals in the area.

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Woodland Management

We are in a scheme to look after the woodland, we recently thinned a large part of the area to help the remaining trees thrive and grow to their potential.

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Wildflower Meadows

Here at Patshull, as well as on our other farms, we have planted several wildflower meadows, including bird seed mixes.

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