Part of the Patshull Estate is home to our white hens, that provide our stunning white eggs. We already offer award winning Poultry and Pork, so supplying eggs was a natural step.

So Why Did We Choose To Supply White Eggs?

Up until the 1970’s white eggs were popular in the UK, and used to be the norm, and still are in the US, but in the late 1970’s shoppers switched to brown eggs under the misconception that they were a more natural, rustic, healthier choice.

We’ve taken great care in selecting our breed of white hen, they are ideally suited to our sustainable and free-range approach to farming;

  • They taste delicious, with a beautiful deep golden yolk.

  • You’re helping the planet a little – how egg-citing!

  • The hens are free to roam and feed on pasture producing eggs that are healthier for you!

  • This breed of hen is more productive than their brown feathered friends.

  • They have a smaller frame, meaning their appetite isn’t as large, so the carbon emissions to produce their feed is greatly reduced.

  • All contributing to a lower environmental impact and delivering a lower carbon footprint, which fits with our environmentally considered approach – and of course the white eggs they produce look and taste great!

In the last 1-2 years you may have noticed supermarkets are following positive customer feedback and stocking more and more white eggs as well. This is down to customers preferring to choose ethically produced and environmentally considered produce.

The Best Choice?

The best choice as a consumer you can make, is to buy Free-range hen eggs. Free-range will be clearly labelled on the packaging, and the number that’s printed on the egg will be number 1. Our Patshull White Hens lay their eggs in mobile housing nestled amongst woodland on the idyllic Patshull Estate, making them the perfect choice.

We’re incredibly passionate about the environment we work in and believe it’s vital to ensure it’s maintained for future generations. We believe in sustainable farming, animal welfare and want our customers to not only have the best product, but trust in our company.

If you’re interested in our tasty white eggs, please contact your local Packington supplier or you can buy them directly from one of our two egg vending machines:

  1. Hollands Sport & Social Club. Here in Barton-under-Needwood, DE13 8BB

  2. Heart of England Shopping Village. Near Lichfield on A38