Born and Reared Outdoors

All our Packington pigs are born outdoors at Packington. Our sows live their whole lives outside with plenty of space to roam, wallow and be sociable. When the piglets are weaned, they are moved to the Patshull Estate, where they go into large outdoor paddocks. Here the piglets have the benefit of well bedded, cosy tents, while still being able to run around outside. A happy pig is a healthy pig!

At fourteen weeks of age, our piglets are moved into large, naturally lit sheds, where we can ensure the welfare of the pig remains paramount. Once in the sheds, the pigs also have access to a large outdoor area. Tended by our farmers, the pigs are protected from the elements, with lots of space, natural light and natural ventilation, and deep straw beds.

Providing shade in the summer and protecting them from frost and snow in the winter, our generously sized sheds provide protection, while still allowing them to play and be sociable outdoors. We ensure our pigs live stress-free, by always providing them with what they need, when they need it. A happy pig is a healthy pig!

What makes our Packington Pork so special?

  • All our pigs are born outdoors

  • Our Sows live their whole lives outdoors

  • Packington Pork has won the highly coveted 3-star Great Taste Award

  • All the pigs are gilts – ensuring a soft pink meat and fuller flavour

  • Reared to RSPCA Freedom Food Assured standards

  • Low density, environmentally sound farming